Easy Net Switch

Easy Net Switch

Useful tool when you have to use your computer in different networks
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Easy Net Switch is a useful tool when you have to use your computer in different networks. As a matter of fact, there is no problem when your computer connects to networks, where the DHCP is enabled; you are just prompted to introduce the password the first time you connect to that network, the router automatically assigns an IP address, and the next time you connect to the same network you don't have to make anything else. The problem occurs when you have to connect to a network that requires a static IP, because it has to be reconfigured if you were connected to another network. With Easy Net Switch you can save different profiles with IP settings but also, you can store Wi-Fi settings, default printers, proxies, and home page settings. Moreover, with the advanced component list you can store more information, such as dial-up & VPN connections, share folders, routers, email clients, run applications, screen and sound settings, windows firewall, hosts files, ini files, time zone, workgroup, and system environment variables. You can create a global password in order to avoid other users from modifying the Easy Net Switch parameters. Furthermore, each profile you create can be password protected. The program also includes the ping and traceroute tools.

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  • You can create different profiles and select what information will be stored for each profile


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